Sweepstakes Coins Vs. Gold Coins

Online sweepstakes site Clubs Poker offers players two play modes: Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins.

Use either option to explore ring games and compete in five-card poker gaming events.

GCs offer freeplay options like SCs, which are used to earn real prizes.

This page will discuss the difference between Gold and Sweeps Coins so you can easily learn how to play.

Read on to discover how to sign up at Clubs Poker, play games, and redeem your free SC for real prizes!

Gold Coins At Clubs Poker

Gold Coins are virtual tokens available at Clubs Poker that allow you to enjoy freeplay.

You can purchase more Gold Coins at the site if you like, but you cannot redeem this coin type for real prizes.

GCs are also not eligible for SC redemption.

Some sweepstakes sites call Gold Coins something else, but they are the same as GC.

Take Wow Vegas, for example. The site calls its GC WOW Coins.

Players can earn more Gold Coins in various ways based on the operator.

You can add more due to daily log-in bonuses, tournaments, and competitions. Each sweepstakes site you join will give you a rundown of how to earn more coins.

Then, it’s up to you to take advantage of the deals.

The daily log-in is the easiest to claim as coins are added automatically upon log-in.

You do not have to play any games to activate the bonus; just log in and claim your prize.

Sweeps Coins At Clubs Poker

Sweeps Coins are a bit different. They are coins used to play games and redeemable for real prizes.

Some sites call SC something else, such as Sweep Chips.

An example of this is Funzpoints, which uses Premium Funzpoints for its Sweeps Coin equalivent.

Use Sweeps Coins for promotional play, and once you earn enough eligible tokens, you can redeem the coins for prizes, including real prizes and gift cards.

SC cannot be bought but is available based on a site’s promotions.

Most sweepstakes operators offer SC daily log-in promotions, mail-in requests, competitions, tournaments, and social media contests.

Review the promotions page of an operator to see what your options are.

Best Games To Play With GC & SC

The type of games you can play at Social poker sites will vary based on the provider.

You want to find games you enjoy, like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Pineapple, or others.

Some Social casinos only let you play the full library of games in SC mode, so you may be restricted on what you can explore.

Others may allow you to play all games via GC and SC.

I suggest you find a poker variant that you enjoy and try various tournament entry options. You can easily play Texas Hold’em or Omaha with no limit or limit playing options.

Look at the unique variations of tournament entries and formats to find a game that meets your needs.

Value Of Sweeps Coins

GC has no value, and neither does SC.

However, you can redeem eligible SC for real prizes. Sites offer prizes via online banking or gift cards.

Most sweepstakes gaming brands will have 1 SC equal to 1 unit in real prizes.

You will need to review the details of Sweeps Coins via the provider you join to see how the coins are valued and how to claim prizes.

Redeeming Sweeps Coins

Once you start earning Sweeps Coins from gaming, you must complete playing requirements before redeeming a prize.

You will need to play the SC at least one to three times, based on the conditions of the site.

You can claim the prize once you have enough SC in your account that is eligible for prize redemption.

Sites typically require players to have 50 to 100 eligible SCs to start the redemption process.

Online gaming operators also require players to complete a verification process.

This can include uploading a copy of your driver’s license, proof of address, and proof of income.

The process will vary based on the operator.

Once you are ready to claim a prize, you can do so with online banking or gift cards.

Join any of our recommended sites to start playing games with GC and SC.

Add the welcome bonus and start playing with both currencies, with a chance to win real prizes from SC!

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