Bad Beat Jackpots

The Bad Beat Jackpot games at Clubs Poker are a thrilling way to use your Gold or Sweeps Coins for a shot at bigger prizes.

In a Bad Beat scenario, you must lose a poker hand despite having a high-ranking hand because it is beaten by an even higher-ranking hand.

For instance, if you have a Full House (three of a kind and a pair) and your opponent has a Straight Flush (five consecutive cards of the same suit), you would experience a Bad Beat.

Use our guide below to learn more about this jackpot option and how you can win. It’s a fun way to play poker and increases your chances of winning solid prizes.

What Is Bad Beat Jackpot?

A Bad Beat Jackpot is a progressive prize you can win from poker gaming.

You must select a Bad Beat table and play with GC or SC. You will also select your play amount and be dealt cards, just like in a typical poker game.

Make your selection wisely so you can win the hand, but be advised: The jackpot is only triggered if a player wins with a bad beat hand. This is typically a win with a four-of-a-kind or better that beats out a qualifying strong hand.

An example would be a four-of-a-kind King losing to four-of-a-kind Aces or a full house losing on the river to a higher full house.

Bad Beats with progressive prizes will remove a portion of each player’s play amount to build up the prize pot. The more players that participate, the higher the jackpot will go.

The prize will then payout based on the outcome of a hand when triggered.

Bad Beat Jackpot Rules

The rules of the Bad Beat Jackpot may vary depending on the game type.

Be sure to review the info section of a game so you know how the rules apply to that specific title. To activate the Bad Beat, you will need a select number of participants with an eligible winning hand. In general, this should be a win of four of a kind or more, with the hole cards helping the hand qualify.

Generally, the Bad Beat hand (losing hand) will earn the majority of the prize pool, at around 40%.

The winner of the hand receives a sizeable prize, typically around 20%. Another 20% is paid out to the remaining players at the table.

Bad Beat Jackpot Hands

Most Bad Beat Jackpots will only trigger with a four-of-a-kind or higher.

So, the game would need to include the following hands with a higher option earning the win during the round.

  • Four of a Kind: Four of the same card.
  • Straight Flush: An order of five cards with identical suits, such as 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 of spades.
  • Royal Flush: An order of royal cards with the same suit, with Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten of Hearts.

A Bad Beat can be triggered with Full House and other hands from time to time as well, based on the game rules.

Playing Strategies For Bad Beat Jackpots

Now that you understand more about Bad Beat Jackpots, it’s time to implement strategy.

Below are a few tips you can use to play Bad Beats and put the odds in your favor, or at the very least, protect your bankroll!

  • Play Lower Limits: If you are trying the jackpot game for the first time, stick to lower limits. This will help your GC and SC budget last as you learn to play the poker game.
  • Know Your Hand Rankings: Take a few minutes to review poker hand rankings if you are unfamiliar with how wins are earned. This will ensure you know which cards to hold and fold to give yourself the best chance of winning.
  • Play More Obscure Games: Bad Beats often are featured with Texas Hold’em and Omaha, among other games. Players will lean towards Hold’em, so if you play Omaha, you may have a better chance of earning a win or triggering the jackpot. If you are unfamiliar with Omaha, read the rules and play at lower limits to understand how the game works before you increase your play amount.

How To Play Bad Beat Jackpots At Clubs Poker?

  • Log in to Clubs Poker.
  • Ensure you have GC and SC in your account. Select your game mode.
  • Open the game lobby and locate Bad Beat Jackpot tables.
  • Select a table based on the play amount, game type, and number of players.
  • Place your play amount once the table loads and the hands are dealt.
  • Check your cards and decide whether to hold or fold any. The goal is to have the best poker hand. This continues through the flop, turn, and river rounds.
  • Once all play amounts have been placed, and the game has concluded, you will see if your hand wins or if there is a bad beat. A bad beat must be triggered to activate the jackpot.
  • If the jackpot is activated, it will be paid out based on the hand rankings.
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