2-7 Triple Draw

One of the more unique poker variants available at Clubs Poker is known as 2-7 Triple Draw Poker.

This game is a draw variant, meaning players must create a five-card poker hand to win. Each player is given five cards and the ability to discard as many as five to create the perfect hand.

Use a lowball hand ranking system to try and land the winning hand to add more Gold or Sweeps Coins to your account.

Check out more on this game below, including hand rankings and strategies!

What Is 2-7 Triple Draw Poker?

As a draw variant, 2-7 Triple Draw gives players five cards.

Any or all the cards can be discarded to try to create the best hand. The draw occurs before each round, and it occurs three times in this game.

One way to describe 2-7 Triple Draw is the worst hand wins. You need to have the best lowball hand to come out on top. Typically, a poker game will require a higher ranking hand to win.

We will break down the hand rankings below so you can better understand how to build your poker hand for the game.

2-7 Triple Draw Poker Rules

Once the game loads, the cards are dealt.

All blinds must be posted, so the small and big blinds will add the play amount to the pot. Players that are not the big or small blind will need to decide to play or fold.

In this game there will be four total rounds. When the game begins, you are given five cards face down. This is the first round. Next, you have the draw. Players can discard zero to five cards.

Once the round is complete, players can choose to raise, check, fold, or call. This continues for three rounds. And there are two more options to draw cards.

At the end, you have the showdown. This is when the remaining players show their cards, and the best hand wins. But remember, you must have a lowball hand to claim a prize.

2-7 Triple Draw Poker Hands

In this game, aces are always high, and a straight or flush counts against the hand.

You need a 2-7 ranking hand to claim the prize pot. Below are the best ranking hands to help you decide how to play your five-card hand.

  1. 7-5-4-3-2
  2. 7-6-4-3-2
  3. 7-6-5-3-2
  4. 7-6-5-4-2
  5. 8-5-4-3-2
  6. 8-6-4-3-2
  7. 8-6-5-3-2
  8. 8-6-5-4-2
  9. 8-6-5-4-3
  10. 8-7-4-3-2

Playing Strategies For 2-7 Triple Draw Poker

With your new knowledge of 2-7 Triple Draw Poker, it’s now time to implement a few strategies.

Use your GC to play at lower limits to test these strategies to see which works best for you.

  • Keep the Deuce: Your best chance at winning is with a two. Always have a deuce in your hand, and you should be able to build a solid five-card draw.
  • Look for an Eight: With three draw rounds, there is a chance that you may score an eight. Watch for one, and you can build an eight or better hand, giving you a non-straight or non-flush hand with a chance to win.
  • Know Your Hand Rankings: Take a few minutes to review the hand rankings or keep a list nearby as you play. This will help you to know which cards to hold on to and which to discard as you play.

How To Play 2-7 Triple Draw Poker At Clubs Poker?

  • Log in to Clubs Poker.
  • Once logged in, open the poker lobby.
  • Search for 2-7 Triple Draw games.
  • You can view games with the play amount and number of players at the table.
  • After the game loads, you will be given five cards and must create a hand based on lowball rules.
  • You can discard up to all five cards to try and create the hand.
  • Once all the rounds are complete, if you are still in the game, you must show your hand to see who claims the prize pot.
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