High Hand Jackpots

A high hand is what you want to score when playing poker, as it almost always guarantees a win.

When it comes to High Hand Jackpots at Clubs Poker, the hand can present you with even larger prize potential!

This jackpot game type offers a progressive prize that builds up with every hand played. Participate in High Hand Jackpots and earn a sizeable prize by winning the triggering hand or being involved in the round.

Read on to learn more about this jackpot type, including rules and strategies!

What Is High Hand Jackpots?

Select tables at Clubs Poker will offer High Hand Jackpots, leading to more Gold and Sweeps Coin prize potential.

All you have to do is join and play. The jackpot will be triggered if the winning hand meets the high-hand criteria. For most games, this will be a Straight Flush 10 or higher.

If the prize is triggered, the high hand earns the bulk of the prize. All other players at the table will split a much smaller percentage.

One plus side to playing High-Hand Jackpot games is that you can win extra GC and SC just for being at the table if the jackpot is triggered!

High-Hand Jackpot Rules

The minimum number of players per table must be reached before the jackpot can be activated.

To trigger the prize, a qualifying winning hand must be hit. The type of hand that needs to win will vary depending on the High Hand Jackpot game you select. B

e sure to read the game’s rules before you add the entry to ensure you understand how that particular game works.

Hole cards must be used to make the winning hand. The pot will be raked and this contributes to the jackpot prize.

High Hand Jackpot Hands

A particular hand must be hit to activate the prize pool.

This will generally be a high hand with a Straight Flush 10 or higher. A Royal Flush would also count towards triggering the prize.

Playing Strategies For High-Hand Jackpots

Once you start playing High Hand Jackpots, it’s a good idea to implement strategies to your playing rounds.

Below, we provide a few tips to help you try to earn wins and manage your bankroll effectively.

  • Play Lower Limits: Start with lower limits so you spend less and can learn how the High Hand Jackpot games work. This will help you manage your budget effectively.
  • Know Your Poker Hands: You must know your poker hands to make a smart decision or gaming. Take a look at the hand strategy to implement with High Hand Jackpots.
  • Play with SC for Prize Potential: Use SC when playing this jackpot game for a chance to win real prizes. You can play with GC at first to practice, then make the switch!

How To Play High Hand Jackpots at Clubs Poker?

  • Log in to Clubs Poker.
  • Open the lobby and search for High Hand Jackpot games.
  • Locate a game and click to enter. You will need to use GC or SC to play.
  • Enjoy regular poker gaming in Hold’em or Omaha format.
  • If you land a high hand win, the jackpot will activate if the hand meets the game qualifications.
  • Prizes are awarded once the jackpot is triggered.
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