Poker Glossary

PLRS: The number of players.

AVG POT: Average pot of all hands played.

H/HR: Hands per hour, the average number of hands played on the table in an hour.

Dealer Button: The button that determines the dealer and the order of playing.

SB: Small blind, the first, smallest mandatory bet at the table. It is posted by the player on the immediate left of the dealer before the cards are dealt.

BB: Big blind, the second mandatory bet, usually twice the small blind. It is posted by the player on the immediate left of the small blind.

FL: Fixed limit, where the entry amount is fixed and can only be raised to that amount.

NL: No limit, where players can raise the bet by any amount.

PL: Pot limit, where players cannot raise more than the total pot size.

H/L: High/Low, a poker variation where the pot is split between the player with the highest hand and the player with the lowest hand.

Showdown: The process of showing cards at the end of the game.

Hand: 1) The round of play from the dealer button movement to the showdown; 2) The player’s cards.

Street: A stage of the game that includes the dealing of a card/cards (e.g. flop) and playing.

Hole cards: The player’s private cards that only they can see and use to make a hand.

Community cards: Common cards dealt face up at the table, used by all players to create the best possible hand.

SnG, Sit & Go, Sit and Go: Tournament type that starts after the required number of players have registered.

Heads Up: A poker game with two participants.

Spins, Spin & Go, Spin and Go: Sit & Go tournaments for three players, where the prize pool size is determined by a random multiplier.

All-in-or-Fold: Special games, either tournament or ring games, where a player’s only two options are to go all-in or fold.

Rapid (Fast Fold) poker: Special tables where players are moved to a new table immediately after folding a hand.

Tournament entries: The amount of coins to register for a tournament, goes into the prize pool.

Entry fee: The fee players provide to the room when registering for a tournament.

Straddle: A special way of raising during the blinds posting in poker. It’s double the big blind and is posted by the player next to the big blind.

  1. For example, let’s say:
  2. Player1 posts a 1 GC small blind,
  3. Player2 posts a 2 GC big blind.
  4. Player3 has a choice – whether to post the big blind or straddle. If Player3 chooses to straddle, they will post 4 GC. If Player3 refuses to straddle, they will still have to match the big blind (2 GC) to participate in the hand. Player4 sitting next to them will not have the opportunity to straddle in any case.
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